When deciding to go on holiday, we find a wide variety of options in terms of the place we will visit. To choose it, we usually take into account many factors, such as the climate of the place, the type of tourism we are looking to do and the accommodation options that the place presents, among others. But what we certainly shouldn’t overlook are the choices we’ll have when it comes to entertainment. This is important for gambling fans, especially those looking for the best casinos.

In several Latin American countries, the number of physical casinos and their capacity is limited by law. It is important to be informed and know where and how to find the best casinos for maximum enjoyment.

The gaming industry in Latin America generates 3.1% of the sector’s global revenue. This includes both physical venues and online casinos. While not comparable to the movement of the industry in the U.S. Usa or Asia, it has been growing and consists of amazing casinos that are worth visiting.

It is natural for larger, more pop-populated cities to have larger casinos. These in turn will offer a greater number of gaming tables and better services. You will find surprises in the ranking of the best casinos in Latin America, mostly when it comes to countries that have more flexible laws in terms of gambling or those that are committed to tourism.

When it comes to determining the best casinos, there are many factors that make the difference. It’s not just about variety of games and amount of roulette, although this is certainly important. Casinos are adding more additional services to their facilities in order to compete with online casinos. The vast majority have their own bar, live shows and ATMs, among other services. Many are located in high-end hotels, which brings even more amenities. It’s about finding the best balance between gaming, customer support and infrastructure.

Which countries concentrate the best casinos in Latin America?

Mexico is one of the most outstanding in the region in this industry. It has more than 400 establishments and has more than one among the best casinos on the continent. In that country the sector has grown steadily since the 90s. Today we can say that it has casinos in almost all its states.

Another destination in which the gaming industry stands out is Peru. It has iconic and internationally recognized casinos, such as the Atlantic City. This one is reminiscent of the most striking casinos in Las Vegas, such as the Majestic, in the luxurious JW Marriott hotel.

Further south of the continent, the largest concentration of large casinos is presented by Chile and Argentina. Both countries will be very present in our ranking. In addition to having establishments with large surfaces and a wide variety of games, they stand out for the culture of service and excellent customer service.

In Argentina alone it is estimated that there are about 500 gaming rooms and casinos. It should be noted that in Argentina casinos are not concentrated only in large cities. These are distributed throughout the territory.

As far as Chile is concerned, they are constantly opening new centres. Such is the case of the Casino Marina del Sol in Chillán, which has 20 tables, 450 slot games and a nightclub. Another example of future openings in this country is the new Enjoy Casino in Puerto Varas. It is estimated to open its doors in June 2021. That said, there are more and more options that Chile presents for those who enjoy gambling.

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